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The Big Wave.
February 28, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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The Great Resignation record-high "quiting waves" hurt many companies and the more will be coming to shore. The largest quit rates are in high competition jobs: manufacturing, retail, and construction. Workers want more than just more money to stay loyal--- 9/10 employees prefer a manager who cares about them over more pay. Did you know SHRM (2022) noted "10.9 million job openings posted on the last day of December, far more than the roughly 6.3 million people counted as unemployed"?!

Top Tips!

1. Address job burnout
2. Increase workplace flexibility
3. Take time to discover the real needs of your employees
4. Be present, as a manager, and actively engaged
5. Invest in #professionaldevelopment development to help employee well-being.

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