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Training For Impact.
November 7, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Top Executives must support training and lead from the front! “Lead by example” is a common term but has a major impact on #Corporate Leadership Development.

For example, McDonald’s, Verizon, and McCormick’s talent development programs are supported by top leadership, ingrained in their #culture, as well as aligned with business objectives and strategy. Today, CEOs play an active role in developing and retaining their leadership talent by setting the tone early, sharing organization values, taking part in leadership training, coaching/mentoring, and promoting continuous professional development. It is not enough to just verbally support leadership training, it take shift to active engagement!

For example, Verizon’s CEO dedicates his commitment to #corporate learning by providing input into the training design and has co-facilitated select executive education sessions. Remember, #leadership development start at the TOP.

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