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Engage. Engage. Engage.
July 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Does it surprise you that 52% of employees say they are "just showing up," and 17% describe themselves as "actively" disengaged? The positive news that engaged employees demonstrate higher levels of satisfaction, performance, and a 20% increase productivity in the workplace.

Do you offer your employees a level of autonomy over their work? If jobs are challenging, and includes a level of autonomy, employees usually feel an improved psychological state at work and engage. If employees feel they can try and fail without fear of repercussions, they engage even more!

How to you build an employee’s confidence and reward them for high performance? If employees feel valued, they will be more likely to take a personal role in a task or job. The Association for Talent Development remarked that engaged employees mentally and emotionally invest in their work and in contributing to their employer’s success. They take on a personal role that is a part of employee engagement.

Do you encourage employees to solve work-related problems collaboratively? How much do you invest in their professional and career development? Supportive manager and rewarding coworker relationships are more than just social. They improve an employee’s feeling of psychological safety at work and improve employee engagement. Trust, communication, and transparency are critical.

The key is to create meaningful work environments, provide opportunities to employees to learn & explore, give employees autonomy over their work, and to understand what matters to them.

We are employee engagement experts helping you to retain talent, unlock the full potential of your workforce and develop high-performing employees. We can help you foster a culture of engagement.

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